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Apr 2015
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On Saturday 18 April 2015 the chairman of Suffah Foundation, Shaykh Umar Hayat Qadri (Huddersfield) organised the largest convention of United Kingdom's Islamic scholars in which a unanimous declaration against ISIS was passed, stating that ISIS are neither Sunnis nor their actions reflect Islamic teachings. They are 'Khawarij' (outcast) of the Muslim community.

130 scholars from across the country attended including leading figures like Shaykh Qamaruzzaman Azmi (Manchester), Shaykh Imdad Hussain Pirzada (Nottingham), Dr Sajid-ur-Rehman (Keighley), Imam Qari Asim (Leeds), Mufti Qazi Hasan Raza (Bradford), Sayed Zafrullah Shah (Birmingham), Hafiz Fazal Ahmad Qadri (Derby), Qari Abdul Majid (Bristol), Syed Amjed Hussain Shah (Middlesbrough) and Qari Tayyeb Naqshbandi (Manchester).

In a statement, Shaykh Umar Hayat Qadri said:

"We are appealing to everyone to spread the message of this important declaration so that this message goes out loud and clear to anyone who is contemplating either joining or sympathising with ISIS. 
This rogue group does not represent Islam and joining them could potentially take you outside the folds of Islam".

For more info contact Suffah Foundation on 07816667282

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