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Thursday January 17, 2019
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Creation of Prophet Adam (peace be upon him)

When I have formed him and breathed My Ruh into him, fall down in prostration in front of him! [Surah al-Hijr 15, verse 29]

When your Lord took out all their descendants from the loins of the children of Adam and made them testify against themselves ´Am I not your Lord?´ they said, ´We testify that indeed You are!´ Lest you say on the Day of Resurrection, ´We knew nothing of this. [Surah al Araaf 7, verse 172]

Muhammad Bin Kaab Al Qurdhee acknowledges this verse is a confirmation of the existence of our souls prior to its union with our physical body.  [Kitab-ur-Ruh]


This verse [7:172] is referring to the time when the progeny was taken out from the loins of Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) all at once to take the covenant. The souls accepted faith and awareness before Almighty Allah.  This agreement takes place in Alim-e-Arwah (Divine World), much before the earth was created and before the concept of Time as we understand it today.

When we read the writings of the Sufiyah and Auliyah, we find that they feel this event and agreement with Almighty Allah had only taken place very recently!

Allamah Mahmood Alusi writes that Hazrat Zunnoon Misri was asked the question: When did this event take place.  He replied, “I can hear it even today in my ears”. – Subhan-Allah!


“Dunya” – The Lower World

In the Womb

Hazrat Abdullah ibn Masud (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Prophet (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) said, ”Any one of you will have had his created existence brought together in his mother’s womb, as a drop (nutfa) for 40 days, then a sticky attached clot (‘alaqa) for the same period 40 days, then a piece of flesh (mudgha) for the same period 40 days, after which Almighty Allah sends the angel to blow the spirit (ruh/soul) into him.  [Bukhari Sharif & Muslim Sharif]


The soul is free to roam whilst you are asleep

Allah takes back people´s souls when their death arrives and those who have not yet died, while they are asleep. He keeps hold of those whose death has been decreed and sends the others back for a specified term. There are certainly Signs in that for people who reflect. [Surah az Zumar 39, verse 42]

Hazrat Abdullah ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) states that through a dream, the soul is able to meet those who are deceased and also those who are still alive.  They are able to question each other what ever Allah wills.  Then Almighty Allah keeps the soul of the deceased and returns the soul of the living to their bodies.

[Ibn Jarir, Tabrani, Abu Shaykh, Kitab-ur-Ruh and Tafsir dur-e-Mansur by Imam Suyuti]


Can you meet or see the Prophet (peace & blessings be upon him) whilst in a dream or whilst awake?

Narrated Hazrat Anas (r.a): The Prophet (pbuh) said, "Whoever has seen me in a dream, then no doubt, he has seen me, for Satan cannot imitate my shape. [Bukhari Sharif. Volume 9. Book 87. Number 123]

Narrated Hazrat Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri (r.a): The Prophet (pbuh) said, "Who ever sees me (in a dream) then he indeed has seen the truth, as Satan cannot appear in my shape."  [Bukhari Sharif. Volume 9. Book 87. Number 126]

Narrated Hazrat Abu Huraira (r.a): I heard the Prophet (pbuh) saying, "Whoever sees me in a dream will see me in his wakefulness, and Satan cannot imitate me in shape." [Bukhari Sharif. Volume 9. Book 87. Number 121]

Imam Al Suyuti, Ghaus ul Azam-Abdul Qadir Jilani and Syedena Ahmad Kabir ar-Rifai are giant scholars who all met the blessed Prophet (peace & blessings be upon him) several times whilst being awake.


The meeting between Hazrat Sabit bin Qais and Khalid bin Waleed (may Allah be pleased with them) [Tafsir-e-Khazim]  ..to be narrated by the Shaykh in the class…


The pact of Hazrat Abdullah bin Salaam and Hazrat Salman Farsi (may Allah be pleased with them)

Hazrat Saeed bin Musayyib states that once Abdullah bin Salaam and Hazrat Salman Farsi met. They both agreed on the fact that the souls of the living and dead meet and that the souls of the pious are able to go into Paradise wherever they wish. Thus they made a pact that whoever of them died first, he would inform the other what had happened to him. Abdullah bin Salaam died first and appeared in Salman Farsi’s dream. Abdullah then informed Salman Farsi that out of all of his good deeds, Allah - most High liked one particular deed the most, which was perfect (Tawakkul) reliance in Allah, so Salman continued having unshakable trust in Allah.  [Kitab-ur-Ruh]


Hazrat Muhammad bin Sireen (may Allah be pleased with him)

When he died some of his students were extremely sad. Some of them saw him in a very pleasant state in their dreams and enquired seeing you in this good state is pleasing, tell us about Al Hasan Basri? He replied ‘he is seventy ranks above me.’ They asked why? We always thought you to be better! He replied ‘he used to stay sad due to the hereafter.’ [Kitab-ur-Ruh]



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