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Thursday January 17, 2019

How to Order Suffah Foundation Books

Please note we do not charge for the books, but due to the recent significant increase in demand for our books, we do request you to pay the postage charges. If this is a problem, pls do discuss with us.

Postage Charges for Mainland UK:

1 book £2.00 (not signed),                    1 book £3.15 (signed)
Up to 8 books £3.00 (not signed),           Up to 8 books £4.00 (signed)
More than 8 books £5.50 (not signed),     More than 8 books £6.50 (signed)

Make your postage payments to the account below and notify us via email or using the Contacts Form:
Request your books by emailing us using the Contacts Form.

Bank: HSBC,     Account Number: 74092694,     Sort Code: 40-25-10

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ProphetParents  Book Available.
  Use the Contacts Us page to request this free book.

   You can also read this book online - Click here

 The Blessed Touch - published by Suffah Foundation. This is a must read book which describes the physical beauty of  Sayiduna Rasulullah (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) and also the miracles that the Prophets and Pious have been blessed  with by Allah Almighty. Topics include:

 - Allah Seeks to Please the Holy Prophet
 - It is Obligatory to respect the Holy Prophet
 - The Holy Prophet said "I am not like you".
 - All Muslims are the slaves of the Holy prophet
 - Abusing the Companions is forbidden
 - Allah rescues those who are with the Pious
 - Allah keeps His Beloveds Alive
 - The Holy Prophet is a Witness over the Ummah's deeds
 - Nothing is hidden from the Holy Prophet
 - Cure with the Holy Prophet's Saliva
 - Medina - The Holy Prophet's City
 - The Exalted Position of his Grave

 And many more....sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam..







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