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Suffah Foundation - Rose Event

On Saturday 27th October, we at Suffah Foundation organised the "Roses not Protest" event in response to the latest insults directed to the Mercy for creation, the Prophet of peace, Muhammad (peace be upon Him). The aim is to spread love, peace and harmony amongst all, in light of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) message and the Qur'an. We welcome all to this site, especially non-muslims, you are free to ask questions, read our articles and view any content for the purpose of education and gaining a better understanding of Islam. 


The Preparation

Preparation work for "Roses, NOT Protest" event was done on EID day by the dedicated TEAM SUFFAH and volunteers, males and females of all ages. There were 1,100 roses which needed thorns removing, tidying up and then a specially prepared "NOTE" attached to them with a piece of ribbon.  It took almost 4 hours of hard work in preparing the roses to get them ready for the big event which was scheduled the day after at 12noon till 2pm.




Below is a slideshow of the "Roses not Protest" Event click the image



Remember this event was done to spread the true knowledge about the Mercy to Mankind, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  You can learn more about him here