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Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him)

His Early Life

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) was born in Makkah, Hijaz today known as Makkah, (Saudia Arabia) on Monday 12th Rabi ul Awwal 571 A.D. His mothers name was Sayyida Aminah and His father's name was Sayyidna Abdullah; both of whom were noble in character and unique amongst the people. Sayyidina Abdullah passed away before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) and His mother passed away when He was approximately six years old. He was named Muhammad (The Praised One), by His grandfather, Sayyidina Abdul Muttalib.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) was born in the noble family of Banu Hashim who were part of the Quraysh tribe. After birth He was taken by Sayyida Halima for a number of years as was the custom of the Arabs.

It is well known that Sayyida Halima, after taking the Prophet (peace be upon Him), was blessed in many aspects.

Meeting with Bahira the Monk

After the passing away of His (peace be upon Him's) mother and father, The Prophet Muhammad was taken care of by His beloved grandfather, Abdul Mutallib until the age of eight. At this age, He lost His grandfather and then was in the care of His uncle, Abu Talib; who kept Him with him at all times and would also take the Prophet to Syria for trade purposes.

The Prophet Muhammad (pace be upon Him) was a truthful and trustworthy man, whom the inhabitants of Makkah named Al-Amin and As-Sadiq, meaning The Trustworthy and The Truthful, from a young age. Once at the age of twelve He accompanied His uncle, Abu Talib on a journey to Syria and arrived at a place called Busra.

In this city was a Monk by the name of Bahira, who was a simple man who lived on the bare essentials of life, a Monk who live a simple life in the monastery. When Bahira saw a caravan arrive in the city he immediately recognized that there was something special about this caravan and hence decided to invite the caravan for a meal, and by doing so he would find out more about the people.

After eating the meal Bahira looked up at all the people who had arrived for invitation and asked, did you leave anybody behind? They said everybody was present except a young boy who they left to look after the camels. Bahira insisted that the young boy be bought to join them, and when the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) was bought, Bahira Immediately became awe inspired and recognized the signs of Prophethood on Him.

Bahira speaks to Abu Talib

Bahira has now has confirmed that this young boy is a Prophet of Allah (God). He speaks to Abu Talib in private and inform him that, his nephew is a great Prophet. Bahira, told Abu Talib that when the caravan was coming into the city he saw that a cloud was following them above and shielding them from the heat of the sun. He further said that, when the caravan took rest under a tree, that the cloud moved over the tree.

Bahira continued saying, "I saw the trees and stones prostrating to Muhammad (peace be upon Him)" he informed Abu Talib that, this is not done to any, except a Prophet of Allah (God).Bahira then looked at the back of the young Muhammad and saw the sign of the Seal of Prophethood on between His shoulders which was oval in shape, Bahira said to Abu Talib, "Prophet Muhammad, the last of the Prophets (peace be upon them all)has been described in the previous scriptures and this young boy has all the signs"

Bahira advised Abu Talib to immediately take Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), back to Makkah as if others found out of this great Prophet, His life would be in danger.

Abu Talib took this advice and sent the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) back to Makkah.

The First Revelation

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) would often go on the a high mountain in Makkah in the cave named Hira for contemplation. One day whilst in the cave of mount Hira the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) was visit by the archangel Gabriel (Jibraeel) who asked the beloved Prophet to read!

"Read, (O Muhammad)" said Angel Gabriel three times, to which each time the beloved Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him) replied: "I am not a reciter" After this the Angel said: "Read! In the Name of thy Lord, who created" (Quran 96:1)

At this the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) repeated the first verses of the Qur'an to be revealed. The first few verses are below:

1-Read in the Name of thy Lord, who created;

2- Created man from a clot;

3-Read! and thy Lord is most Bountiful;

4-Who taught by the Pen;

5-Taught man what he knew not;

6-Nay but verily man is rebellious;

7-Because he sees himself self-sufficient;

8-Indeed to your Lord, is the return (of all)


Calling people to Allah (God)

After the first revelation, the Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon Him) mission to call people to the one true God (Allah) started. The people of that time were pagans who worshipped idols and it was a extremely difficult task to teach them that there is only One God. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) first invited His noble and pure family to Islam first and then His close friends. The first to embrace Islam was Khadijah, the beloved wife of the Prophet (peace be upon Him).

Amongst the first few to embrace Islam were Ali ibn Abi Talib, Abu Bakr Siddiq, Zayd ibn Haritha, Uthman bin Affan, Abdur Rahman ibn Awf and others. For approximately the first three years the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) preached to His close relatives and friends. After almost three years the command from Allah (God) came to openly invite all to Islam and to worship the One True God, Allah.

It was now, that the Prophet (peace be upon Him) would receive hostile treatment from the Quraysh and other tribes and a difficult path started ahead. Th struggles of the Prophet and the early Muslims were extremely harsh and difficult, such that Bilal, one of the companions of the Prophet was tortured in the most inhumane way to leave the path of Islam, but he did not waver nor leave Islam but rather he repeatedly recited Ahad, Ahad meaning One, One (God is One).

The Conversion of Umar ibn al Khattab

The persecution of the Muslims continued until the Prophet prayed and Allah accepted the prayer of His beloved Prophet and Umar bin al Khattab converted to Islam. Umar was a man of great intellect and a man known for his courage and bravery with his conversion Islam was strengthened which infuriated the pagans of Makkah. (This incident is a very important one, we shall discuss this in a future article)

The numbers of Muslims were increasing day by day despite all the problems the Muslims were facing. The blessed companions of the Prophet (peace be upon Him) were soon to migrate to Madina, were the Prophet (peace be upon Him) would remain for the reminder of this physical life.


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