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Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him)

His Mercy & Compassion

The Qur’an mentions

“And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds” (Quran- 21:107)

His Mercy was Divine Mercy, such that He forgave his worst enemies and those who wrong him; He (s) even had mercy for animals, which we shall mention later inshaAllah.


We can find countless examples of the Prophet’s Mercy to all, one such example of this infinite mercy, is after the battle of Uhad in which His (s) blessed uncle Hazrat Hamza (r.a) was killed in the most inhumane way by Wahshi and Hind who later came to ask for forgiveness, and after such a serious and painful crime, The Merciful Prophet (s) forgave them both. This is a well documented incident, amongst those who were also forgiven was Abu Sufyan who was one the great enemies of Islam and The Prophet (s), who again, was also forgiven by the noble Prophet (s).

Being extremely kind-hearted, his eyes brimmed with tears at the slightest sign of inhumanity.

In Makkah, his people inflicted him with every kind of suffering, eventually forcing him to emigrate to Madinah, and then waged war on him for five years. However, when he conquered Makkah without bloodshed in the twenty-first year after announcing Prophethood, he asked the Makkan unbelievers who were awaiting his decision about them: “How do you expect me to treat you?” They responded unanimously: "You are a noble one, the son of a noble one." He announced to them his decision:

“You may go free! No reproach this day shall be on you; may God forgive you.”

Prophet Muhammad (s) was also very kind and affectionate towards women. Women were very badly treated in those times. The Noble Prophet gave them honour and dignity at par with men in the community. 'Umar reported: "We did not have much regard for women while we were at Makkah, but they were better treated in Madinah. Allah's Messenger established women's rights through his sayings and commandments, which improved their position and status."

The Noble Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad raised the status of women to such an extent that He (s) said “paradise lies under the feet of your mother”

Allah's Messenger (s) was particularly compassionate towards children. When he saw a child crying, he sat beside him or her and shared his or her feelings. He felt the pain of a mother for her child more than the mother herself. Once he said: “I stand in prayer and wish to prolong it. However, I hear the cry of a child and cut the prayer short for the anxiety which the mother is feeling.” (Al-Bukhari)

Jarir reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "Allah will not show mercy to a person who does not show mercy to other people."

Abu Umama reports that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "Anyone who shows mercy, even to an animal meant for slaughtering, will be shown mercy by Allah on the Day of Rising."

The Prophet strongly enjoined the duty of kind and generous treatment upon slaves, servants and laborers engaged in manual work. Jaabir related the Apostle of Allah as saying: "Feed them with the food which you eat, clothe them with such clothing as you wear, and do not cause trouble to Allah's creatures." The Messenger of Allah (s) is further stated to have said: "Those whom Allah has made your dependents are your brothers, servants and helpmates. Anybody whose brother has been made subservient to him ought to feed him with the food he eats and clothe him with the clothes he wears; command him not to do that which he is unable to do and if it becomes necessary to do so then he should help him in doing the job."

His Mercy for Animals

The Prophet (s) forbade his companions to keep the unintelligent creatures hungry or thirsty, to disturb or to overburden them. He commended that kindness and putting them at ease were meritorious acts tending to bring man nearer to Allah. Abu Hurairah reports the Prophet as saying: "A traveler who was thirsty saw a well in the way. He got inside the well and when he came out he saw a dog licking mud due to thirst. The man realised that the dog was as thirsty as him, so he got into the well again, filled his leather sock with water and carried it out holding it with his teeth. Thus, he quenched the thirst of the dog. Allah was pleased with this act of kindness and pardoned his sins." The Companions asked: "O Messenger of Allah is there recompense in the matter of beasts and wild animals also?" The Prophet replied: "There is recompense in regard to every creature that has a living heart." 

'Abdullah ibn 'Umar reported that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "A woman punished her cat by imprisoning it until it died of hunger and because of it, she entered the Fire. It was said ­ and Allah knows best: 'You did not feed it nor give it water when you imprisoned it nor did you release it and let it eat from the plants of the earth."

Once on return from a military campaign, a few Companions took away the chicks of a bird from their nest to stroke them. The mother bird came back and when it could not find its chicks in the nest, it began to fly around screeching. When informed of the matter, Allah’s Messenger became displeased and ordered the chicks to be put back in the nest. (Abu Dawood)

There are countless examples of His (s) Mercy which are difficult to include in one article. However, I pray this has helped in gaining some knowledge and insight into the Mercy of our Noble Prophet Muhammad (s).

May Allah Ta’ala bless you all with the best of this world and the hereafter.


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