Suffah Welfare Project

“I made a thorough scrutiny of all human actions, and I did not find any deed amongst them more meritorious than the providing of food, nor anything more noble than good moral character.”

~ Ghawth al Azam Shaykh ‘Abd al Qadir al Jilani, may Allah Sanctify his secret.

Suffah Welfare Project is is established to help the poor and less fortune in our local community. These include the homeless and refugees from Syria.

One of the initiatives launched by Team Suffah has brought local businesses together to support the refugees residing in our local town. The project, working in partnership with a local Christian charity consists of providing food and household items twice a month every month. 1st Monday of each month will be household items like sanity ware, canned food, fresh fruit, vegetables and other essential items – provided by local shops across Huddersfield. 3rd Thurs of each month will see freshly cooked hot food (curries, rice etc) provided by local take-aways served by Team Suffah for the homeless and refugees to eat and also enough for them to take home to share with other family members. On each visit, donated clothes by the local Muslim community are also distributed.

February 2016 saw the launch of this project which has been well received by the people who were thankful to Team Suffah to come to the forefront and help them. The local church volunteers who have been helping the refugees welcomed the support from the Muslim community and expressed their delight at the generosity of the local businesses who provided the delicious hot food -chicken curry with brown rice and nans.

If you would like to support this great cause, pls contact us.

Suffah Foundation Welfare Project in collaboration with Ghausia Mosque (Huddersfield) and the local Muslim/Pakistani Businesses aims to help feed and provide valuable household items and food to the less fortunate and needy people of our society. Islam teaches all Muslims to give charity and help those who are need of help.

Below is evidence of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) teaching humanity to help the poor and needy.

The Poor and Needy

Hazrat Abu Darda رضي الله ﺗﻌﺎﻟﯽٰ عنه narrates the Beloved Prophet Muhammad عليه أفضل الصلاة و السلام said:

“Find Me with Poor and needy people, Indeed the help and food that Allah has given to you is with their waseela”

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