Suffah Foundation Sufi Conference 2019

#InternationalSufiConference2019 #SuffahFoundation #Sufism #PromotingPeace Suffah Foundation is hosted an International Sufi conference today (Saturday 7th September 2019) in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.World renowned Sufi speakers as well as British Sufis participated in the conference to promote Islam's teachings relating to purification of the heart. The conference highlighted the contribution of Sufis to spreading peace in the world.In a world where there are rentless violent attacks on humanity and alarming levels of hatred towards faith communities, in particular Islamophobia, the message of peace, respect and love needs be promoted by Muslims.Sufism is the voice of peace, co-existence and compassion; a call to serve humanity to reach Allah Almighty. For the Sufis, service to God also includes service to humanity, and that is the essence of Islam.History bears witness to the fact that sufism can prevent wars and promote tolerance and mutual respect. It can bring people together irrespective of their background, culture and creed. It can help overcome anxiety and fears.Sufis travelled to distant lands, holding aloft the banner of faith and the flag of universal values to unite humanity in the love of God.There is much need to promote this message of peace, justice and mutual respect in Great Britain and across the world. The caravan of Peace will continue to purify hearts and spread inner and outer peace.Ahmad DabbĂ ghBaghar ShareefShaykh Umar Hayat QadriShaykh Mufti Wajid Iqbal

Posted by Suffah Foundation on Saturday, 7 September 2019